a direct mail advertising agency
Responsibilities included keyline, layout, design, lettering, copywriting for brochures, letterheads, business cards, etc.

1969 to 1972

1984 to 1986

Art Director/General Manager
Welch Publishing Co., 117 E. Second St., Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 874-2528
Management of art/composition, newsroom and sheet offset printing departments: supervision and training of full- and part-time personnel. In charge of total operation, including web printing plant (located in Rossford, Ohio) when president and vice-president were absent.
Coordinating production for all internal publications including:
Art director and managing editor of three weekly newspapers
The Perrysburg Messenger Journal; 11,000 circulation, averaging 22 broadsheet pages
The Rossford Record Journal; 2,000 circulation, averaging 12 broadsheet pages
The Point and Shoreland Journal; 10,000 circulation, averaging 10 broadsheet pages
Coordinating design and production of all outside work including:

Meeting with clients to design and publish advertising/printing accounts ranging from hundred page catalogues to monthly and quarterly tabloids, newsletters, newspapers on web offset to sheet fed brochures, business cards, stationery, menus, posters, logo design, copywriting and photography, etc.

Equipment Experience: Typesetting and program set-up for the Compugraphic MCS/8400, desktop publishing on the Macintosh, laser printer, scanner, various graphic software programs, darkroom experience on the LogE Micro-Digital camera, PMT (line shot, transparency, reverse, halftone), litho negative film (line and halftone), developing, printing and enlarging 35mm black and white film, litho film stripping and registration, offset plate burning, some hot lead typesetting on the Ludlow

1984 to 1986

a Toledo-based business and commercial real estate newspaper
Responsibilities included free lance art, cover design, logo design, photography and layout.