Physical Characteristics of Line

a line's length and
width (breadth).
Implied by the medium used to create it.
Horizontal, vertical, diagonal (controls movement in a layout).
Does the line divide or unify, imply balance or unbalance.
straight, curved, angular

Design and Spatial Characteristics of Line

Line and Shape:
Defines as a coutour--the line serves as a continuous edge of a figure, object or mass.
Line and Value:
The contrast of light and dark that a line exhibits against its background. Values of light or dark, saturated or less saturated create nearness and farness in a line's position.
Line and Texture:
Lines combined to produce a pattern which evokes a tactile feeling suggesting roughness or smoothness.
Line and Color:
Cool colored lines recede while warm colored lines advance.
Line Position:
The position relative to the picture plane of the layout; a line positioned lower in the picture plane appears closer; a line set higher in the picture plane appears father away.