Even if it is the only graphic device on the page, creatively chosen type faces can make a design statement.

Combining different fonts, filling with colorful patterns, intertwining graceful characters, these techniques and more help brighten up a layout.

An Alliterative Alphabet

The A adeptly acts as an
aristocratic apex anchored atop
an accompanying alphabet.

The B boasts a biform blend
of blimp and blade bearing
the brunt of balanced bulge.

The C is capacious cog
circuitously convex, calmly cautious in its circular character.

The D is a divergent dandy demonstrating duplicity in its downright deception of direction.

The E is an eccentric elbowed edifice ending egotistically in an elongated embrace.

The F feels footloose and fanciful, forsaking fidelity to its
former figure.

The G is a goodnatured giant grinning gently in a gesture
of genuflection.

The H is a highstepping hero hoisted on his haunches, heading into a hallowed haven.

An indivisible icon of individuality, the I is isolated
independently inside.

The J is just a jaunty jutting jestor, juxtaposed in
a jolly junction.

Neither knave nor knight, the K
is known as a keen kibitzer,
keeping the knack to kick-back.

The L is a long-legged linear
letter with leverage to leisurely
lead the legible league.

The M is made manifestly
mountainous, maintaining
major membership midway.

The N is a noble native,
nonetheless nestled next
to a nonconforming neighbor.

No ordinary orb, the O is an
oval occupant operating
in obvious obicularity.

The P is a perfect perpendicular pillar packaged with
a pudgy protuberance.

The Q is without question
the queen of quality, equipped
with a quaint quill.

The R is a rather rotund recluse
really representing
the right realm.

The S is a sinuous serpentine symbol securely situated
in scalloped symmetry.

The T is a top-notch two-armed teeter-tottering tower
traditionally top-heavy.

The U is an unsteady
unpretentious upended umbrella unencumbered underneath.

The V is a reversed vaulted vertex
virtually vying for
visible venue.

The W is a wide wedged winner
working well within
the written world.

The X is an excellent exile
expressing expansion while
exercising in the extremities.

The Y is a yawning
young yeoman yelling
yoo-hoo out yonder.

The Z is a zesty zippy zealot
zigging and zagging
in the end-zone.